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We get it: glasses and contact lenses can be a hassle. Our highly experienced ophthalmologist, Vinay Gutti, MD, has performed thousands of successful eye surgeries and was the first local eye surgeon to master the iLASIK system, making him a pioneer in the region.

Dr. Gutti uses iDESIGN to capture 1,200 data points on the cornea to create a custom map that is 25 times more precise than the standard measurements used to prescribe glasses or contact lenses. Dr. Gutti uses a hyper-fast iFS femtosecond laser to create an ultra-thin flap on the cornea’s surface and lifts the flap. From the unique map of your eye, he then uses a precision laser called an excimer to gently correct imperfections in the curvature of the cornea before the flap is carefully replaced, all in just minutes.

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What To Expect

iLASIK eye surgery (laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis) is one of the most common and effective vision procedures available today to correct refractive errors.

The iLASIK system is customized precisely for you through every step. iDESIGN uses wavefront technology to measure how light is received inside your eye and to create a map of your eye’s unique characteristics, including imperfections that affect vision. Corneal topography scans the outside surface of the eye, measuring every tiny variation to guide the laser during treatment. These two measurements create a totally customized treatment designed just for you.

Lake Eye Associates uses state-of-the-art technology to give you the most accurate care from evaluation to recovery.

Vision Correction Built Precisely for You

Lake Eye Associates goes beyond LASIK to bring you iLASIK® customized vision correction for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and age-related near-vision loss. What makes iLASIK different? Your iLASIK treatment will be unique to you for unrivaled clarity and precision. We utilize the revolutionary iDESIGN® Refractive Studio, an FDA-approved system that is more customized and exact than standard laser vision correction.

If you are wondering if iLASIK is right for you, talk to your eye doctor. Then decide if it’s time to live life untethered from the hassle, inconvenience and expense of prescription lenses. For the most advanced vision correction services, Lake Eye is here to serve you

Call Lake Eye for an appointment. If you wear contact lenses, please inform our friendly staff member, who will instruct you when to stop wearing your contacts so your cornea will have time to return to its natural shape before your consultation with our iLASIK surgeon, Dr. Vinay Gutti.

During your appointment, Dr. Gutti and the certified LASIK technician will perform a basic eye exam along with diagnostic testing to determine if you’re a candidate for iLASIK advanced laser surgery. During this time, your doctor will explain the procedure and answer your questions. If you are determined to be a candidate and you decide you’d like to have the surgery, we will ask for $200 deposit to cover your advanced preoperative eye exam, which will be applied to the balance of your surgery. Please note that if you later decide not to have surgery, we will retain the fee to cover the exam.

While other practices make patients schedule another appointment for the extensive preoperative exam, Dr. Gutti will perform yours the same day as your consultation for added convenience. This exam will take about two hours.

It will begin with the iDESIGN® Refractive Studio’s wavefront analysis to measure how your eye processes light and capture the imperfections in your vision.

Corneal topography scans the surface of the cornea and notes more than 1,200 data points that are unique to your eye. Together, these measurements create a 3D map of your cornea that is 25x more precise than conventional measurements.

After the diagnostic testing, Dr. Gutti will explain the iLASIK process and give you preoperative instructions to follow before your procedure along with a prescription for a mild sedative to be taken the day of surgery.

Please have someone drive you to and from your appointment. While the procedure itself is quick, your appointment will take about two hours to allow for preparation and completion.

In just seconds, the iFS femtosecond laser creates an ultra-thin flap that is carefully folded back, exposing the cornea for treatment.

Using your unique eye map, Dr. Gutti guides the precision excimer laser to gently reshape your cornea’s curvature for superior light refraction, correcting vision. The corneal flap is carefully replaced and the procedure is done, all in just minutes.

After surgery you will be asked to rest your eye for 20-30 minutes and Dr. Gutti will check it before you leave. You will be given detailed written instructions for at-home care and special eye drops to assist in rapid healing. The day of surgery, you should plan to relax, take a nap and limit your activities. The procedure may leave your eyes sensitive, blurred or with a gritty feeling that is temporary. You will be given soft goggles to wear while you sleep for the first 7 days after surgery.

To ensure utmost safety and satisfaction, you will need to have 4 follow-up visits. The first will be the very next day after surgery so Dr. Gutti can make sure everything looks exactly as it should. Most people awaken to noticeably crisp, clear vision and can drive themselves, but should you notice any blurring, please have someone drive you to and from your initial follow-up appointment. You will then need to return in one week, one month and again three months after surgery to monitor progress.

Patients must follow the post-op appointment schedule and instructions provided or the warranty will be voided.

A Trusted Provider

Lifetime Commitment 

With more than 40 years serving Central Florida, Lake Eye is a local leader in the most advanced eye care services. As a trusted provider, Lake Eye is here to provide the latest in LASIK treatment technology, so you can enjoy the best possible vision throughout your lifetime. Not many LASIK providers can offer that kind of security, because none match our history, experience and training.

High Satisfaction Rating 

Most patients achieve 20/20 visual acuity or better, and iLASIK has demonstrated superior success correcting myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism than standard LASIK. A survey of iLASIK patients demonstrated a satisfaction rating of higher than 91%. 

Approved by NASA & Military 

Only iLASIK offers iDESIGN wavefront analysis providing a custom 1,200+ point eye map, an advanced iFS femtosecond laser, and a cool, ultraviolet-light excimer laser, for technology so revolutionary it is sanctioned by both NASA and all branches of the US military. 


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