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Optical Boutique

Our optical shops are more than just a place to get glasses. Our full suite of optical services aims to ensure you are looking your best and feeling your best.

Enjoy complimentary adjustments, cleaning, and minor repairs when you purchase your new eyewear from us. Peruse our selection of prescription glasses frames and accessories the next time you visit. 

Professional opticians are here to help you select the best frames and lenses to match your lifestyle. Our opticians are skilled in customizing your prescription lenses with frames that will fit your life.

Your glasses should reflect your sense of style. Step inside our optical boutique to see our broad selection of frames that highlight timeless classics and modern styles.

Looking for eye glass stores? Schedule your next eye exam to get your most up-to-date prescription so you can see your best in your new glasses.

Types of Lenses

Antireflective Coatings

Anti-reflective coatings (AR) and anti-glare coatings found in optical stores help keep your eyes comfortable in varying environments. These coatings help to improve vision, reduce eyestrain, and make your lenses easier to see through by eliminating reflections from the front and back of the lenses.

By reducing the reflection of light on your lenses, more light is able to enter your eye, providing you with clearer daytime and nighttime vision.

Polarized lenses help protect your eyes from harmful UV light and provide comfortable daytime vision by reducing glare from overhead lights and sun. Adding this chemical film to sunglasses can help you see better while you’re wearing them.

Hoya’s Recharge “Blue Light Protection ” reduces the amount of blue light from using LED screens.

Photochromic, or Transition™ lenses become tinted in bright environments and turn see-through in darker environments, like the indoors.

This seamless transition helps to shade your eyes in varying light conditions, adapting to your environment.

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Get in touch with us any time to schedule an eye exam or to find answers to questions you may have about our glasses frames and lens options.

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